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We are Don’t Panic, the content creators who became
an agency (
rather than the other way around).

It means we’ve always had to rely on quality for success rather than media spend, and on being agile and responsive rather than relying on the conventions (and bad habits) of traditional advertising. Which is useful when almost half of 18-35 year olds use their TV as a Netflix screen and use ad-blocker everywhere else.

We’re also storytellers, comedians, artists, strategists, activists, media planners, influencers and anything else we need to be to get our work shared. We call it the Creative+ approach.

Don’t Panic has answered the question of what an advertising agency should be next.
Andrew McGuiness, CEO Freud Communications and Founder of BMB

Our Work


We make shareable, highly engaging, multi-channel campaigns that have a real impact. Do we succeed? We hope the results we’ve achieved, speak for themselves.

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