Who We Are

Aren’t you the guys who used to make those packs?

Yes! That’s us. 

And then we launched our own content website. And then we made a BAFTA-winning comedy TV series. And then brought opera to Millennials and created the most successful charity video ever. And then we stopped one of the world’s biggest oil companies advertising to kids, changed the country’s understanding of autism and challenged the British public to face up to the suffering of child refugees. And we’re just getting started.



How it all began

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How it all began


The Don’t Panic Pack Launches


The Don’t Panic Pack debuts, an icon of club culture to this day. Its purpose is to entertain, inspire and use creativity to provoke political thought. Banksy creates the first of his two Don’t Panic Posters


Don’t Panic Online Becomes a Thing


We take our countercultural commentary online and begin to engage audiences directly. But of course, it's not a one-way conversation. We start crowdsourcing our famous posters.


Our First Video


We begin creating our own content for the first time. It includes digging up an MP's garden as comment on the expenses scandal, and locking Nobu to save endangered species. We make our first headlines. It will become a habit.


Can I Be Your Friend?


Our first viral video. for the English National Opera is a huge success, prompting a complete sell-out of their new opera about social media. It was, and probably still is, the world’s successful Arts viral.


The Revolution Will Be Televised


Our first television series, The Revolution Will Be Televised, proving that satire is one of the most powerful forms of political commentary. It goes on to win a BAFTA for best comedy (and is nominated twice).


Don’t Panic London Founded


Woohoo! Here we go! Don’t Panic London, the agency, is born. Our mission: to create powerful, shareable work for charities and brands that will make headlines, adjust attitudes and change behaviours.


The Force-feeding of Mos Def


To highlight the brutality of what the US military is regularly subjecting inmates to at Guantanamo Bay, we force-feed Mos Def with the help of Asif Kapadia and The Guardian. The video spreads so far and fast it actually crashes The Guardian's website.


Our Most Shocking Second a Day


The Most Shocking Second a Day - the biggest charity viral video ever made - goes multi-platinum, earning headlines all over the globe, changing the way people talk about refugees, and winning a ton of awards including our first Cannes Lion.


Everything is NOT Awesome


Greenpeace needed help to stop Shell advertising to children and poisoning the great minds of tomorrow with their propagandist bilge. So we destroyed their £65M sponsorship with with LEGO.


Don’t Panic Partners is Born


The launch of Don’t Panic Partners, our sister agency the branding and design incarnation of Don’t Panic. Their skills add some serious clout to our increasingly multi-channel offering.


TMI: Understanding Autism

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Our Too Much Information campaign for the National Autistic Society transforms the way people understand autism and becomes the touchstone for autism awareness conversations worldwide. It breaks records (again) at The Guardian and is even raised as a topic of discussion at Prime Minister's Question Time.


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