BAFTA-Winning Artist-Revolutionaries
Tabitha Jackson, Channel 4

We live in a world where advertising, media, PR and production live in separation, all pulling in different directions, under different agendas, to promote the same thing.

It doesn’t really make sense, so we work in a another way and allow creativity to engage in every aspect.

Undoing the running order and separation of advertising, media, PR and production so they aren’t steps on some kind of ‘creative’ factory line.  We’ve thinking about the promotion, the news angle, whose seeing our work & where – all at the beginning – not the end.

We call our approach Creative+. And combined with our history of fearless, original thinking, it allows us to make the kind of work that people want to share, not ad-block; the kind of ads that thrive without huge media spend on often-fake views; the kind of campaigns that change the world.

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