Don’t Panic Presents: A Night with Jake Chapman

Don’t Panic Presents: A Night with Jake Chapman

Don't Panic - A night with Jake Chapman

Don’t Panic presents a night with Jake Chapman – one half of the Chapman Brothers.
The sibling art duo are renowned for their controversial shock art including a series of watercolours painted by Hitler and fibreglass child-size mannequins with penises for noses, commonly known as ‘Fuck Face’.

As well as producing and exhibiting sculptures and paintings, Jake and his brother Dinos have also turned their work to the world of film. These include The Organ Grinder’s Monkey starring Rhys Ifans and the film adaptation of Jake’s book, The Marriage of Reason and Squalor.

Jake will be discussing his art work and their meanings as well as screening a twenty-six minute-long film.

This event can be attended by members only!

Shoreditch House
14th April

Photo: Nic Serpell-Rand Photography

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