Golden Bin: Housing/Support Charities

Golden Bin: Housing/Support Charities

It’s that time again when we reflect back on the content ideas that for all their worth never had a chance to go viral, the Golden Bin has been opened once again. If you’re new to Don’t Panic then we hope this gives an idea of the kind of thing we do. If you like the vibe then come in for a chat!

Today we encounter some ideas prepared for a major charity that dominates in the sphere of tackling homelessness.

What’s great about these ideas is that they are not final scripts but merely an executional approach on how we can address the objective for raising brand awareness. So really these ideas can be scripted and tailored around the context/key stories delivered.


The Brief

To help drive awareness for a charity that provides housing support.


The Audience

Reach out to the educated urbanities, prosperous professionals & affluent greys.

Idea 1: Total Wipeout Parody (Video)

Life is full of obstacles, so why be subtle about it? We parody the show Total Wipeout to get our message across.

A woman runs across an obstacle course as though she’s a contestant in Wipeout. A commentator introduces us to the action “And as Karen approaches the next round of obstacles, we’ll see if the advice she’s been getting has paid off! Will she make it through? The obstacles are labelled with words like DEBT and MORTGAGE REPAYMENTS. She springs over them easily. A complex maze is labelled BILLS. She opens a red door on the side and runs straight through it via a short-cut. A man with LANDLORD written across his back fires tennis balls at her as she crosses a beam. The balls bounce off her red armour padding. She makes it across the finish line!

We cut to the presenter interviewing her.

“Fantastic run! What was your secret, Phoebe?” “Well I’ve got a great team behind me. It was down to the advice I received. “Well Phoebe, I can tell you that you are today’s winner and you have saved your home from repossession! Congratulations!” (Phoebe is jumping around celebrating) We cut to supers/voice-over “Advice from your charity helps XXXX people per year keep their homes.”



Idea 2: Weighty Problems (Stunt)

Similar to idea 1, we send our pranksters out in public with large weights, big chains and mountaineering ‘carabiner’ clips. The weights have prominent words printed on them (“Money problems” “Hungry” “Stressed”) and look like your typical cartoon anvils and ball & chains. Our pranksters sidle up to people who are standing still in public, perhaps in a queue somewhere or waiting to cross the road, and surreptitiously hook a sturdy carabiner through a belt-loop, handbag or round their leg with the other end tied to a massive weight on the ground. Their reaction as they try to walk away and realise they’re trapped by housing debt will be priceless.

The message is directly related to a particular issue and can draw reason to a solution.

In the video, we see our pranksters coming up and releasing their targets, and film reactions.


Idea 3: Advice So Simple A Child… (Video)

We see a toddler holding a large red telephone. He is speaking into it. “Ok… Ok. Yes. So you’re saying that by consolidating our loans into one, predictable monthly repayment, I’ll be able to bring my
total interest owed down to a more manageable level?” We don’t expect a child to be using this vocabulary, so are surprised by the contrast. The strapline is something like “Housing Advice So Simple….”



And that’s it for the Golden Bin this week. If you have a favourite or think that we can help you then get in touch.

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