Ideas Bank: Marketing For a Sex and Dating TV Season

Ideas Bank: Marketing For a Sex and Dating TV Season

At Don’t Panic London our little minds are always buzzing around and thinking of new ideas, even when we don’t have to. It seems to be an instinct. It’s in our make-up.
So that these brilliant products of mental activity don’t go to waste, we fold them up and deposit them into the Ideas Bank, where we pick a couple out every now and then to show off to you guys.

Client: A British broadcaster, known for its controversial topics.

Aim: To raise awareness and get people tuning in to its season based around relationships, sex and dating. This season ran for a limited amount of time and consisted of different documentaries and dramas.

Idea 1: Dating Survival Guide
We hand out branded Dating Survival Kits containing small cans of deodorant, breath mints, small mirrors to check your teeth with, a tiny book of advice on what to do in certain awkward situations (awkward silences, drunkenness, ex-obsession etc) and a programme guide for the channel’s season. This idea had the potential to be viral with the help of a funny video and could have been used in conjunction with dating sites such as eHarmony, POF and Tinder.

Stunt - Dating Survival kit

Idea 2: Cupid
Everyone recognises cupid and his potent love arrows. We send out a team of 20 dwarf/larger-than-life cupids to see if they can strike it lucky with unsuspecting single couples all over London in places like the underground and buses. They can start off at Piccadilly Circus where one of the most iconic Cupid statues in London, Eros exists.

London stunt - dwarf cupid

Idea 3: Would You Like a Date?
We recruit the sexiest men and women we can find, dress them up in typical scientist fashion, and let them loose on London’s travel and nightspots at busy times.
Dressed in white lab coats with safety glasses and test tubes in their top pockets, they each target members of the opposite sex with a smile, a greeting and the question: “Would you like a date?” When people say yes (actually, even if they say no!) our hit squads hand them a leaflet with a large date on it: the date of the first airing of the season.
The leaflet explains the concept of the season and invites people to participate and apply to take part. Our models also explain the concept of the show if asked – “Oh, and why are they dressed as scientists?” Because there’s not enough chemistry on television, and this channel is trying to put that right.

Stunt - would you like a date? sexy scientist

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