Liberty Human Rights: Show Me Yours

Liberty Human Rights: Show Me Yours

It’s been a few days now since ‘Show Me Yours’, the film we created for Liberty Human Rights, was released and it has collectively captured the attention of over 400K people.

‘Show Me Yours’ brings home the true scale of the snoopers’ charter and what it means for us and our privacy in a lighthearted way, with the help of comedian, Olivia Lee. In the film olivia uses a ‘data capture device’ to access the sensitive and personal information contained in people’s phones and laptops. Their reactions to the ‘data capture device’ is what adds to the film’s comic elements.

The film is a PSA that is calling on the public to sign up to the no snoopers charter. Liberty wanted to highlight the unprecedented, unnecessary and deeply intrusive spying powers that is, the snoopers charter. In a recent interview with adweek our very own Jolyon Rubinstein, and the director of Show Me Yours, speaks about the film and what the aims are for the PCA were: “we want people to appreciate how invasive this bill will be, and for them to understand that is is not a case of privacy or security – both are important, and both are under threat.”

Olivia reads texts, accesses people’s social media, looks into apps, internet history and call history. Understandably this isn’t very well received by the public or the home office, but all of this being said maybe this is what we, the public, need to realise the extent of what the snoopers charter could result in.

Our MD Joe speaks about the film, he says; “The use of hidden cameras was to reflect the very nature of how the government plans to pass this bill, hidden from the public and to convey a sense of unwarranted invasiveness that will come with the Snoopers’ Charter.” If this film is any indication about how public feel about having their privacy infringed on then there could be an increasing amount of public uproar.

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Watch the video Here.

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