National Autistic Society campaign “Can You Make It To The End” Reaches 11 million views in 3 days

National Autistic Society campaign “Can You Make It To The End” Reaches 11 million views in 3 days

It may be Monday morning but we are celebrating the success of our latest campaign film for the National Autistic Society, ‘Can you make it to the end?’. With over 11 million views and 164 thousand shares after only 4 days of being released, not forgetting to mention a 4% engagement rate across the weekend (word to the slightly less wise amongst us, the industry average engagement rate for charity content is 0.7%). It’s fair to say we are very pleased with how well it is doing.

Made in collaboration with the autistic community, the film is the first release of our campaign centred around giving people a greater understanding of what it feels like to live with autism. Many people have heard of autism but don’t fully understand it.

In the film the viewer takes on the shoes of a small boy who is living with autism and lets you experience the world through his eyes during a visit to a seemingly ordinary shopping centre. The film begins with the boy and his mother entering a shopping centre. For a few seconds, everything is normal. But then the boy’s senses begin to become overloaded. Sounds and colours distort, twist and warp around you, conspiring to create a frightening, disturbing place. The film ends with the boy having a meltdown, then the cameras pull out and we see the scenario in the perspective of an onlooker and see people’s reactions. Would you react like the onlookers?

The film is part of the UK’s largest ever autism campaign and can already be judged as an overwhelming success. We have had exposure far and wide, from online content aggregators such as Mashable, Upworthy, HelloU and Lad Bible to local and national press. The film was even featured on BBC Breakfast and the front page of The Guardian whom, in the next couple of months, will be writing plenty of articles as well as featuring videos, pictures and quizzes created by Don’t Panic and designed to help people better understand autism.

The last thing for you all to do is to watch and share this video with the hashtag #AutismTMI to encourage people to find out more:

We have so far had over 8000 people sign up to the campaign, but we can always do with more. To sign up visit-

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