A Song Of Oil Fire and Ice

A film of destroying art to Save The Arctic

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Partnering with renowned British montage artists, KennardPhillipps, we set fire to three well-known American landscape paintings to reveal dystopian, ravaged versions of a natural world destroyed by Big Oil.

Shell’s Arctic drilling plans threaten a lot more than just the Arctic. Not only will the inevitable spills be impossible to clean up, but the extra greenhouse gases unlocked by extracting and burning the Arctic’s fossil fuels will hasten the world along its path to a blighted, Mad-Max-like dystopian future.

Greenpeace wanted to bring this future to life, so we did just that in some of our favourite paintings. Using art in this way was also particularly appropriate because of the increasing attention being paid to the way companies like Shell were using sponsorship of the Arts to falsely polish their reputations and give themselves a social license to operate.


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