A Vaccine for Violence

Forcing the world to prioritise the issue of violence against children.

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Our story of an abused little boy dreaming of a vaccine for violence led UNICEF’s global campaign on child violence, inspired by their appalling new report that a child dies violently somewhere in the world every five minutes.

Across the world, children are facing an epidemic of violence. In war zones and on the streets of violent cities, but also, shockingly, in their own homes and schools. From babies to teenagers, they’re beaten, raped, and even murdered. UNICEF vaccinates over a third of the world’s children – but there is no vaccine for violence. And there never will be.

Our video shows one little boy dreaming of the imaginary vaccine which is administered by a kind ‘GI Joe’ chemist. Our call to action then urged viewers to help end violence against children through donations and an online petition to the British Prime Minister. The video received mentions by a number of celebrities including Stephen Fry, David Beckham, Ewan McGregor and Emma Bunton, and accumulated nearly 800k views on YouTube.

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