Afraid of the Dark

Helping to turn the lights back on on Syria

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Since the beginning of the war in Syria years ago, 83% of Syria’s lights had gone out. To support the Crisis Action coalition’s #WithSyria campaign, we created a short video inspired by this statistic.

A young boy reads a comic under the bed covers just before the outbreak of War in Syria. As his father tuts and turns out the light, we see the boy’s fear of the darkness manifest as he switches on his torch.

But as we transition to an entirely new scene, we realise that this intro has been a flashback inspired by the discovery of a favourite comic four years later. The boy, now a young man, explores a recent bombsite for survivors. The darkness is now the least of his worries. Circumstances have driven him to be the hero he once only read about, dedicated to helping the survivors of this terrible war.

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