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Birth School Metallica Death

The video about the stunt about the book about the band.

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To celebrate the launch of the new unofficial biography of Metallica, we arranged for buskers all over London to start playing nothing but Metallica covers all day – and made a music video to go with it.

On the day of the book launch there was a very positive reaction from the public with Londoners taking time to stop and listen to the buskers, taking photos and sharing them on their social media channels. Long live Hard Rock!
“Birth School Metallica Death” is the definitive story of the ‘Led Zeppelin of their generation’. It’s a story about family, community, self-belief, and the pursuit of dreams, which unfolds through first-hand interviews with the band and those closest to it. It reveals just how Metallica have stayed ahead of the competition for so many years, and in Volume I – the first half of this epic story – they detail the band’s rise to international fame right up until the eve of the release of their seminal ‘Black Album’.



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