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The video that broke up a 50-year partnership

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Oil giant Shell’s had plans to drill in the arctic threaten the environment in a way that’s practically irreversible. For the past 50 years Shell has sought to improve its image by partnering with beloved children’s brand LEGO. Greenpeace understandably, objected to this exploitation of much-loved toys as a distraction from the environmentally unsound drilling and asked us help bring the issue to public attention. 

Our film of LEGO figures, set to a haunting, melancholy parody of The LEGO Movie theme tune, inspired so much public support that LEGO was forced to dump Shell as a marketing partner, ending their 50-year-long, £65m deal 4 months after the release. Thus drowning the oil company’s marketing objectives in an irresistible tide of views, shares and press coverage. 


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Client Greenpeace
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