Energy Bills Revolution
Let Them Freeze

The parody that got the Home Office talking about heating bills

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Britain has the least energy-efficient homes in the whole of Europe, not counting Estonia. Yes, every single other country in Europe beats us bar former-Soviet-bloody-freezing-Baltic-country Estonia. Which is why we created a video for Energy Bills Revolution to bring the insulation of Britain’s homes to the top of the political agenda.

25,000 people die of the cold every year in the UK, costing the NHS £1.3bn. At least a third of these deaths could be avoided by giving the issue the attention it deserves and heating people’s homes to acceptable standards. We forced the three party leaders of the time, Cameron, Clegg and Miliband, to sing our own, slightly twisted karaoke version of just about the biggest song in the world at the time, Let It Go from Disney’s epic movie Frozen…. with a little help from an impressionist and a green-screen studio.



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