The Little Explorer

Dragging the issue of Arctic Fishing into the spotlight

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As the ice retreats, destructive fishing is threatening increasingly wide swathes of the Arctic. The beautiful, rich, pristine marine life that lives there is now under-threat from indiscriminate fishing techniques that rip up entire ecosystems. Greenpeace asked us to create a video to raise awareness around the issue that would touch on the current popularity of space exploration.

In response, we created The Little Explorer, a small girl with big dreams. Shot in the style of a typically upbeat brand advert, we follow her as she appears to be crafting a rocket to take her into space before hitting the viewer with two big reveals: firstly, this isn’t a video about space; it’s about an underwater wonderland. Secondly… holy shit! Trawler!

The film was a big hit, especially amongst people who appreciated the effort that had gone into the beautiful art direction. It was Ad of the Week on The Drum and Editor’s Pick at Creativity Online.


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Client Greenpeace
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Engagement rate 2.18%
Media coverage Adweek, The Drum, Brand Republic, APlus
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