The Snowglobe

Shaking up the animal welfare conversation at Christmas.

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The RSPCA receive 70,000 calls for help every Christmas. We made The Snowglobe to help say #NOTOCRUELTY before it’s too late.

Christmas is one of the busiest times of year for the RSPCA. According to the animal welfare charity, who have been operating since 1824, someone in the UK dials their 24-hour cruelty line for help every 30 seconds. At Christmas, this amounts to 70,000 calls. With their mission of preventing and alleviating the suffering of animals, the RSPCA came to us to inspire more support from the public at this critical time of year.

Our video aimed to bring attention to the harm inflicted on animals at Christmas in a way that viewers could feel they had the ability to help. So we literally put the animals in their hands, in the form of a well-loved Christmas icon: the snowglobe. As viewers watched the vulnerable animals being thrashed about, they were given the option to break the violence by clicking on call to actions in the video. This urgent message saying #NoToCruelty was delivered to over 400k viewers in total, helping ensure that Christmas was a magical time for everyone.

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