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Nearly everyone’s heard of autism, but not many people really understand it. 87% of families of people with autism say people stare in public, and 74% say people tut or make disapproving noises. 16% of autistic people and their families think the public understand autism in a meaningful way. That’s why, to help the National Autistic society improve the public’s understanding of autism, we planned out a two-year campaign based on the insight that autism can be like getting Too Much Information.

Launching with lenticular posters, digital activity and our hero video, “Can you make it to the end?”, the TMI campaign began in Autism Awareness Week 2016. The video, shot from the POV of a little boy with autism having a meltdown in a shopping centre, immediately struck a chord, spreading organically through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and amassing more than 56M views and over 950k shares in just two weeks. What’s more, the initial success of the video gave us the leverage to forge strategic partnerships that gave us the chance to put a 30 second cinematic cut in cinema and on TV throughout the country without a penny of media spend.

We earned headlines and coverage everywhere from the Daily Mail and Unilad to Mumsnet – even meriting a mention at Prime Minister’s Question Time. Most importantly, though, we achieved 50% of NAS’s yearly sign-up target in just 10 days.

Partnering with The Guardian, we were able to reach a huge audience with a world of content that included editorial articles, galleries, quizzes and videos. The TMI Guardian hub received so much traffic that it earned its way onto The Guardian’s homepage, the first paid-for content ever to do so.

The campaign continues with a virtual reality version of the hero film. This launched online to much acclaim, but is also travelling around the country as a VR experience in shopping centres, party conferences and specialist events – allowing an even wider audience to walk in the shoes of a person with autism. The 360 film is also being used in a pack for schools, with lesson plans and materials. It has been hailed as a first and one of the most accurate and insightful portrayals of autism by the general public and the autism community alike.

We can’t wait to show you what we have coming up next in the UK’s biggest autism campaign.


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Client National Autistic Society
Views 56m+
Shares 950k+
Coverage 80+ articles, coverage on BBC TV & radio 6, front page of The Guardian (twice) & discussed in Prime Minsters question
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