When the world turns upside down

A film to flip our perspective on conflict for children

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There are more humanitarian emergencies going on around the world than at any other time in history. And, as always, be it conflict, disease or natural disaster, children are the hardest hit. UNICEF wanted a way to talk about the scale of the current crisis, something would unify their winter campaign activity behind a succinct and immediately understandable theme, and a highly shareable online video to accompany it.

“When their world turns upside down” was the metaphor we chose that summed it all up: that sudden change for the worse inflicted by conflict or disaster, the sense of dislocation, the desperate need for help.

To lead the campaign, we created a video that took the metaphor to a literal extreme. A normal family of four enter that universally recognised sanctuary of childhood: a playground. But each time the children literally turn upside down, the film slips into a parallel universe where they have become the victims of a catastrophe.

The video was filmed in England, but each “slip” was based on the true story of a real child helped by UNICEF. At the end of the video, viewers could click through to videos of these real stories which we had filmed in Jordan and Nepal.


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Client Unicef
Total views 5.5m+
Petition signatures 70k+
Media coverage 70 pieces of coverage including front page of the Indepenent
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