Still the most shocking second a day

Still the most shocking second a day

We released the  sequel to our multi-award-winning, globally viral Most Shocking Second a Day video. Since the original was released about 470,000 deaths have been caused by the Syrian civil war. 11.5 percent of the Syrian population has been wounded or killed since 2011, when the conflict began. 13.5 million Syrians are in dire need of humanitarian assistance. 4.6 million Syrians have become refugees, and 6.6 million are displaced within the country; of that number, half are children.

Often with ongoing crises, whether we like it or not people begin to get bored, the issues fall on deaf ears, in a messed up way people are waiting for the next crisis to happen and engage with. For example a year on from the earthquake in Tibet people are still homeless, an alarming amount of girls are getting sold into prostitution by their own families, the poverty is cripplingly bad, but it isn’t getting covered, the press and public have moved on.

So with this in mind it is important to grab the public’s attention, to make them aware that such tragedies are still happening. In our new video, ‘Still the most shocking second a day’ we pick the story up in the not so distant future, Lily is documented fleeing London as  war breaks out, taking the same journey kind of dangerous sea crossing that so many Syrian children have done.

A week on and we think that the film can be judged as an overwhelming success with widespread global media coverage and over 9 million views.  The response has been overwhelmingly positive, conversation has been sparked and the response has been brilliant, numerous people expressing that the film moved them to tears. Syrian nationals have commented saying that it very accurately portrays the toils that Syrian families have to go through. But of course for all the nice comments you also get the bone headed views of the people who can only be described as racists. One such Facebook user, who we won’t name commented that it’s funny that a higher proportion of the refugees fleeing to European shores are male, and that they must all be extremists. It was apply shunned, many making the point that more males are fleeing because they are more able to make the treacherous journey across the mediterranean than the elderly, mothers and young children.

As our parting gift we’ll leave you with some of the stupid comments to mull over and get mad at.

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