Tasmanian may launch independent audit of cloud seeding program

Tasmanian may launch independent audit of cloud seeding program

Tasmanian may launch independent audit of cloud seeding program


The Federal Government will launch its own independent audit into the state’s cloud seeding program, despite criticism of the process as inadequate and risky.

Key points: Tasmania government wants independent audit of cloud seeding program

Labor, Greens and Greens Senator Penny Wright say process is too sensitive and un-Australian

Mr Rudd says cloud seeding program is already regulated

Environment Minister Scott Emerson has said it would be a “very bad idea” if the Independent Commission of Audit were not consulted.

The announcement comes after the Federal Government unveiled an extra $50 million for Tasmania’s cloud seeding program to help improve privacy on Tasmania’s Internet.

“The decision to la포커unch an independent cloud seeding program was based on the recommendations of an independent watchdog, which has recommended significant improvements to the way the program is run,” said Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

‘This is a very risky game to play’

Shadow Information Minister Rob Stokes has criticised the process and called for the Government to consider making a new cloud seeding legislation.

“The cloud seeding program is already regulated within federal legislation,” Mr Stokes said.

“And this is a very risky game to be playing.

“This government will sta속초안마아로마 마사지rt looking very closely at whether there’s any potential for reform of our existing regulation, whether there might be a new cloud seeding regulation that does go through a more public, independent and transparent process as well.”

An independent commission of audit would then have the final say on any changes, said Opposition Environment spokeswoman Barbara van Eijk.

“That may be the time for the Government to start talking to the ACT government about ways around any potential new regulation of cloud seeding,” she said.

“There could be some real improvements on the security of that program as well.”

Earlier, Liberal Senator David Leyonhjelm said Tasmanians would benefit from the changes made under the bill.

“I think this government needlessly created this situation in which we ha포커ve an unprecedented number of online service providers and their customers who are going to be left in the dark about their privacy,” he said.

But the Greens have said that as Tasmania is a remote state with just 13,000 residents, that there is much bigger money for information security.

“This is a real public policy issue and the Government has to be doing some work on behalf of the people of Tasmania to secure this public information infrastructure and ensure that Tasmani