The Fastest Growing Language – The Emoji

The Fastest Growing Language – The Emoji

The most recent update of emojis, which included the much-anticipated taco and omnipotent unicorn, isn’t the only thing you should be looking out for when it comes to those little emotive characters that sit there nestled away on your smartphone’s keyboard.

As some of you may have heard and for those that aren’t an avid follower of the emoji there is going to be an emoji film. Yep that’s right an emoji film. A film where either the main characters are emojis or at least there is a running theme through out on those little guys. Now if you aren’t already interested off the back of that little nugget of techy information here’s some more; the faces and symbols are in the public domain which means there are no rights to purchase. So there could be a competing pitch for another emoji film being shopped around at other studios.

But as farfetched as this seems there’s a method to the animated yellow spherical madness… emoji is the fastest growing language in the UK! I’m sure that’s hard to hear but harder to hear is the fact that 72% of 18-25 year olds find it easier to express their emotions through emojis. The generation of a universal language could be upon us and that language is just a modern day version of Egyptian hieroglyphics.

As film studios catch on to the emoji’s popularity so have brands who have began to start using emojis in their marketing. Have a look at this hugely inventive campaign by Ford telling drivers not to ‘emoji and drive’.

To communicate they are ‘cool’ and on top of the latest trends brands have stated using emoji to communicate to the desensitized Generation C, Generation Z, however the 18-25 bracket are being defined now. Some brands using them in more subtly ways then others. In March 2014, Peta also launched an emoji campaign aptly-named Beyond Words, aimed at increasing engagement with their target audience. Peta sent a text asking people to text back a heart emoji, amazing results came about.

Both Ikea and Footlocker have developed their own emoji sets. Recently, Twitter teamed up with Disney and Lucasfilm to create special Star Wars emojis ahead of the release of Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, generating plenty of Twitter – and press – conversation around the film.

Rightly so, some brands have accepted that it’s worth using the emoji to engage with their audience and any who aren’t, well they may be left behind. In order to keep up with the herd any brands still lacking that second keyboard should get downloaded with the most recent update and get emoting.

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