The Little Explorer

The Little Explorer


It’s been a couple of days since we released our “The Little Explorer” for Greenpeace and have been blown away with the response.

As sea ice melts due to climate change, industrial fishing vessels are venturing further north than ever before to fish using destructive equipment that could damage this previously inaccessible ecosystem.

The film explores a little girl’s dream world, and takes you on an imagination voyage into the Arctic deep. We transformed her living room into an aquatic wonderland beneath the ocean. She watches wide-eyed as Greenland sharks, Beluga whales and sea butterflies sail past the windows of her cardboard submarine. To reflect the fragile ecosystem a great deal of effort went into creating a purpose built ‘fragile’ set that was destroyed by an actual trawler net, emphasising the impact they have on the environment and the path of destruction they leave in their wake.

This film is at the forefront of Greenpeace’s campaign calling on fishing companies to stop fishing in the northern Barents Sea and the waters around Svalbard, and for retailers Suppliers of well known brands Birdseye, Findus and Iglo as well as fish restaurants across Europe, to no longer use suppliers that engage in destructive fishing in these waters.

The video has already been a resounding success. At the time of writing this the video was fast approaching 500k views, with 6000 likes and 2500 shares.

You can watch the video here

Sign the petition here

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