Do Viral Videos Create Sales?

Do Viral Videos Create Sales?

WREN first kiss - viral video

We don’t know about you, but we hadn’t even heard of fashion label, WREN until it released its First Kiss viral.

The video sees twenty strangers – ten boys and ten girls – meet and kiss for the first time.
It’s awkward, emotional and beautiful at the same time and resulted in hundreds of parodies such as this video by VICE and this First Handjob video.

The video has had over 78m views and over 1,300,000 Facebook shared but despite this, it’s been slagged off by journalists and publications such as Jezebel for being manipulative due to the fact that it plays with emotions rather than trying to sell anything directly.

Despite this and the fact that most people we’ve spoken to thought it was nothing more than a short arty, hipster film, WREN’s sales have increased by 13600%.

Read this interview with founder and creative director of WREN, Melissa Coker about the impact the video has had on the business:

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