Wa government backs pilbara algae farm

Wa government backs pilbara algae farm

Wa government backs pilbara algae farm

The federal government has backed plans to plant an algae farm near Mount Isa, Queensland, following concerns raised by locals about the impacts the controversial practice could have on native animals.

Environment and Heritage Minister Tony Burke says an announcement to plant the farm, which will likely take years to reach commercial scale, will be made after discussions with local authorities.

“I haven’t been able to come to an agreement yet but I am pleased that we’ve heard those concerns about the impacts of this technology,” he told reporters.

The pilot project involves the planting of three farmlands in the region. The government is funding $100 million for the project, which Mr Burke described as an “open field experiment”, but added he was not yet aware if it was still considered for commercial scale.

“We’ve asked the local council and the Minister of the Environment (o여주출장마사지 여주안마f Queensland) to participate in some way to ensure we’re building the business case and this has yet to be determined,” he said.

Mount Isa has been hit by years of bad weather and rising sea levels, which the Environment Department predicted could lead to an increase in flooding between now and the next drought, due to start in Queensland’s northern half in November.

The government has already committed up to $100 million for the local authority to buy or lease up to two hectares of land and build around 2,000 homes.

It has also committed about $40 million fo샌즈 카지노r the water management scheme – which includes a “trophic” system designed to divert water from the Galilee Basin to a regional aquifer, which holds 40% of the nation’s fresh water.

The state government says this will cut water use by nearly one-third over the next five years.

It has been criticized for the scale of the undertaking and also for the local government’s lack of involvement, with locals also saying they didn’t understand why a government agency was going to undertake the project and pay for the land.

The minister confirmed the government was reviewing the decision to finance the farm, although said the project had not yet been given the green light by the government.

He said the government’s involvement was only a “soft commitment” and said it would have to be seen how this project would evolve with further funding.

Local farmers and conservation groups hav카지노e questioned the scale of the project.

One local politician, Andrew Jackson, told the New Matilda newspaper the federal government had “lied to Queensland politicians” and promised to raise concern