Wellies vs Headsets

Wellies vs Headsets

As we Step closer into the digital revolution, technology is creeping its way into our lives in some unexpected ways…

The UK Festival scene has become one of the most celebrated pastimes with the millennial age and an integral part of the British Culture. If we go back forty or fifty years to the days of peace, love, Jimi Hendrix and the hippy, you couldn’t experience the iconic Woodstock, Glastonbury or the Isle of White festival unless you were there, within the action, or watched a recorded performance a week later on TV.

The technology incorporated within the festival industry over the past 20 years along with the advancements of television, has enabled audiences to see the action live from their own homes. Some might argue “what’s a festival without mud and glitter?!” But I’m sure the dry viewers could argue differently.

All this being said with the rise of experiential festivals like Secret Garden Party and Boomtown, there are more important aspects to a festival than a good line up. Although it’s nice to like what you hear at a festival, it’s the atmosphere that makes a memorable experience. Can you experience atmosphere from the comfort of your sofa? Virtual reality could be the answer.

With the recent advancements within virtual reality there could be a way for us to experience the most a festival has to offer without actually being immersed within it. Recently, Coachella has incorporated virtual reality within the festival. Purchasing a ticket grants audiences with a virtual reality app and headset, allowing them access to different elements of the festival. Coachella’s use of virtual reality could be setting the trend for accessibility in the festival experience.

Could this be the future of the music festival?




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