YouTube Announces Upcoming Viral Trends of 2014

YouTube Announces Upcoming Viral Trends of 2014

First Look - YouTube 2014 virals

In this video, YouTube announce the upcoming video viral trends of 2014.

These include:
– Clocking – Where a person goes somewhere iconic and films themselves holding up their arms like the hands of a clock and slowly moving them around to correspond with the time.
– Kissing Dad – Where a person films themselves kissing their dad.
– Ribbon Lining – Where people set up a small ribbon line for a stranger to run through, making them feel heroic and cheering when they break through it.
– Butter Fails – Videos of people ruining their bread by spreading cold butter on it.
– Baby Shaming – When a parent publicly shames their baby for its lack of motor skills and general abilities, such as reading and smiling.
– Glove Glove Water Dance – The new Gangnam Style but to a song in a foreign language and while soaking yourself with water.
– Bun Nutting – When a person puts peanuts in someone’s hair bun and films themselves.

However, they don’t want their YouTube meme inventors to have all the fun, so they’re inviting you to submit your viral ideas.

If you have an idea for something weird and unjustifiable for the rest of the world to enjoy, tweet it at YouTube using the hashtag #NewTrends.

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